Posted on 21-Apr-2019

Free Instrumental Beats

Did you just search on Google for Free Instrumental Beats? Here at The Corporatethief Beats, we understand that when rap artists looking for free hip hop beats, they are really just looking for inspiration without the financial risk.

Most hip hop artists are pretty comfortable with the hip hop beat lease system where they understand that the music producer needs to be compensated for the work that they have created.

What hip hop artist’s don’t want is the financial loss that comes with unfinished songs over rap beats they have paid for. Not every song you write will be that hit. Not every verse you spit over a sick hip hop beat will find the ears of an audience.

Some of this reason hip hop artists like to test drive free instrumental beats with their rap, to see if the beat inspires them. If the rap beat has inspired them to create an amazing song, maybe it’s up too that artists to invest in their music career by purchasing a lease license in the future.

Here is a link to a Guide On Downloading Free Beats Online

Here are two risk-free methods of downloading free instrumental beats from The Corporatethief Beats website.
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