Posted on Apr 14, 2019

Hip Hop Beats

What Are Your Most Popular Hip Hop Beats?

Rather than sifting through all my main hip hop beat store here are all my best freestyle type beats in one playlist.

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I Can { Rick Ross Hip Hop Beat}

I Can { Gospel Type Beat}
I Can this is by far one of the most popular hip hop beats on the website. This beat is inspired by Just Blaze.

The aim I was going for here was something like what Just Blaze created with Lord Knows Instrumental.

Which featured Drake and Rick Ross. The beat has a huge live sounding drum pattern while the instrumentation stems from gospel music. The beat doesn’t have any hook or true song structure.

This instrumental is really meant for storytelling rappers which future ambitions. It’s quite a confident hip hop beat, where rappers can really lay down some meaning full lyrics.


Too Late { Electric Guitar Trap Beat} Gunna type beat

Too Late Here in this beat I was experimenting with newer sounds.

I never really liked electric guitar in hip hop music but I know I can make cool effects with the guitar pedals.

I was going for a modern trap beat sound similar to that of a Gunna type beat. But this beat is super versatile.
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