Posted on 10-Apr-2019

The Corporatethief Beats

What Are Trap Beats?

Today the trap sound in hip hop music is a much more commercial and radio-friendly sound. Some of the significant pioneers of trap beat included the like of pioneers of trap music included Lex Luger, Shawty Redd and Zaytoven, Southside 808 mafia.

Trap beats are just a sub-genre of hip hop music. During the early 2000’s trap music started to become famous. Back then trap beats were a much more aggressive sound.

Rap music producers made trap beats using the drum samples from the Roland 808 machine.

These drum sounds were layered with more modern hip hop drum samples.

The 808 kick drum is tuned to provide the bassline of the trap beat and the sub kick sound. Some beatmakers layer in mid-range kick drum sounds to the kick-punch through the mix.

When Lex Luger and Zaytoven began making trap beats in the early 2000s, the sound was very harsh and aggressive. These beat tended to use a lot of brass and orchestral sounds.

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The Corporatethief Beats
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