My Experience With Follow Adder

Hey, it’s Dan with The Corporatethief Beats, in this Video I will show you how to build a following on Instagram. As you can see before you, you can see my Instagram screen in front of you.

And I’m just going to go over a tool on the tool,​ {Follow Adder For In...

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The Playlist Make Beat Pack - 16 Beats Only $17.95

09-Aug-2019 – 23-Aug-2019

16 Hip Hop Beats Unlimited Distribution Rights Only $17.95 For A Limited Time Only

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Hip Hop Beats - The Corporatethief Beats


Here at The Corporatethief Beats, I have made a number of different styles of hip hop beats for you to use in your mixtape, albums and singles.

Please refer below to the pricing table to see the prices of each hip hop beat lease license. Each lease license carries its own terms.I don't just ma...

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Hip Hop Beats - The Corporatethief Beats


The Progression Of Hip Hop Beats
At one time when you said the phrase “hip hop beats”, old school hip hop music came to mind. Most people will think of old boom bap type beats.

Where producers would chop up old soul records and make beats from the records they sampled.

While I still res...

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Free Instrumental Beats


Did you just search on Google for Free Instrumental Beats? Here at The Corporatethief Beats, we understand that when rap artists looking for free hip hop beats, they are really just looking for inspiration without the financial risk.

Most hip hop artists are pretty comfortable with the hip hop ...

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Hip Hop Beats


What Are Your Most Popular Hip Hop Beats?

Rather than sifting through all my main hip hop beat store here are all my best freestyle type beats in one playlist.

If you would like help please hit the contact button send me an email at Corporatethief Beats corporatethief@gmail.com or call me on...

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What Are Trap Beats?

Today the trap sound in hip hop music is a much more commercial and radio-friendly sound. Some of the significant pioneers of trap beat included the like of pioneers of trap music included Lex Luger, Shawty Redd and Zaytoven, Southside 808 mafia.

Trap beats are just a sub-g...

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Beat Maker - The Corporatethief Beats

My name is Daniel Hartnett I'm from Ireland. I'm originally from Limerick but in I live in the UK right now.

I'm a music producer from Ireland I got into beat making about five four or five years ago. When a buddy of mine had music production software and he's on his laptop. It was called FL Studio.

He said I could record some of my songs on his laptop. Back then I just used it for recording just acoustic songs. Basically, anything to get a full track down.

I just got hooked on it after that. I just started making rap beats all day. I always appreciated that he introduced me to that music production software.

From there I found a music production website online called war beats and I started studying all the tutorials on music production and how to produce music properly.

That was a great site it's a great resource if you're starting off music production.

I went and did a course in Galway Technical Institute here they taught me how to use Logic and Protools.

Mostly the general way how you go about working with a DAW and in a professional music studio. It was a great a great experience down there and I learned loads from and it. I was fortunate that I got to learn how to use Logic Pro X because that's what I use today to produced hip hop beats online.

Once he finished this course, Daniel moved to Dublin and attended The Academy of Sound to study music production and sound engineering.

Here he learned how to work in a studio, using Logic Pro / Pro Tools and analog equipment.

As of 2015 Daniel completed a 4 year Higher DiplomaThe Academy of Sound Dublin.

I just love making rap beats all the time. It's a passion.

Some of my biggest hip hop producer influences include Noah 40 Shabibb, Metro Boomin, 9th Wonder, Kanye West, Danja, Timbaland, Bo1da,Travis Scott and many more.

One of my biggest influences is Danja. I just love the way he constructs his beats. He plays around with the song structure at which keeps the listener interested.

I use is Logic Pro I use that to make all my beats and I use Pro Tools from time to time because it's the industry standard.

I make a lot of different types of beats, like a lot of different genres within hip hop, trap beats, west coast beats and sample and new school beats.

My Music Production / Sound Engineering Qualifications

Apple Logic Pro X
Avid Pro - Tools
Live Sound Recording
Live Sound Mixing
Music Theory
Tl Audio Tube Tracker

SSL Nucleus

Tape Machine
 {Tape Mastering}
Analogue Mixing and Mastering {DBX Compressor , Manley Massive Passive, Disstressor Compressors, Neve Compressor 33069, Eventide H3000 Effects and Reverb , Bricasti M7, Summit Audio EQP 200B - Pultec EQ}


Logic Pro X

Apogee Duet

NI Machine/M-Audio Keyboard

Native Instruments Machine
KrK Monitiors

The Corporatethief Beats produces hip hop beats, sample beats, trap beats, pop beats and new school beats for his website thecorporatethiefbeats.com.

Here artists can buy rap beats for mixtapes, albums, and singles.He uses the combination of Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Rap Drum samples and a variety of synths to create his rap beats.

Also, he strives to create a popular hip hop music marketing blog and podcast to share his digital marketing skills with new up and coming hip hop artists.

To this day I still continue to make hip hop beats, rap instrumentals and pop instrumentals for the hip hop artists and creators that visit The Corporatethief Beats website.

Rappers can buy hip hop beats leases for the mixtapes, albums and singles. I tend to make a lot of more modern melodic trap instrumentals. Using Logic Pro as my focus workstation.

The Beat Lease Prices Vary Depending on each lease licenses. This ranges from $17.95 to $47.95

Trap Beats, Hip Hop Beats, Pop Beats, Electro Hip Hop Beats and New School Instrumentals. Some notable Beats Include Drake Type Beats, Rick Ross Type Beats, and Future Type Beats.

Hip Hop Music Producer
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